2021 Contract Lifecycle Management Buyers Guide

Outlaw Named a Selected Vendor for Contract Lifecycle Management by Legal Tech Publishing

Outlaw has been recognized as a selected CLM vendor in Legal Tech Publishing’s 2021 Legal Operations: Contract, Automation & Engagement Management Buyer’s Guide, which highlights the most innovative products on the market for legal department automation. Covering the top vendors in Contract Lifecycle Management, this annual ‘shopper’s handbook’ is a valuable resource to help you find the right CLM solution for your organization, quicker and easier. 

“Outlaw’s user interface is clean and intuitive, [and] has a seamless and efficient workflow from template creation to contract with built-in e-signatures. A template-driven architecture with dynamic variables streamline contract generation, and real-time collaboration features support cloud-based redlining and version control for individual clauses.”

— 2021 Legal Operations: Contract, Automation & Engagement Management Buyers Guide

Download this Buyer’s Guide to:

  1. Save months on research with Legal Tech Publishing’s top recommendations for legal ops automation & CLM providers.
  2. Read detailed product reviews for the 5 most significant CLM vendors, written by Legal Tech Publishing’s experienced legal tech product review team.
  3. Understand the product functionalities, key value differentiators, latest developments and pricing for easy comparison across all 5 selected CLM vendors.