Supercharge Contract Collaboration Across The Enterprise.

Outlaw is the modern, digital contracting hub designed for enterprise-wide collaboration. Create, redline, approve and align on strategic contracts together in the most seamless and productive environment you’ve ever seen. Reach agreement faster when your teams are in lockstep.

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Contracting remote
Collaborate Online

Review, redline and revise together — all in one place

Collaborative redlining and editing is unique on Outlaw. Contract sections automatically lock when you're editing, so multiple people can work on the same document at the same time. Threaded commenting and real-time alerts eliminate tedious back-and-forths to enable faster issue resolution.

Automated Approval Workflows

Expedite internal approvals, optimize your teams

Set granular permissions and run automated approval workflows directly in-app. Notifications and email reminders help to keep the review task in front of approvers and keep deals moving forward.

Version Control & Audit Trail

Keep track of who did what, when

Automatically track contract evolutions with all deal changes tracked in an immutable audit trail. Cloud-based version control automatically saves all updated versions. Outlaw enables you to track changes between contract sections instead of entire documents for easier comparison.

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