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Global English training platform Voxy was looking for a solution to easily integrate with Salesforce. Find out how we help their Sales and Finance teams break down the contract language barrier.

"Working closely with the Outlaw team, we were able to easily integrate with Salesforce. I anticipated a lot of issues due to our complex pricing architecture, but it turned out to be pretty painless."

Ethan Arnowitz, Sales Operations Manager


Rise selected Outlaw to seamlessly integrate with their numerous platform tools, to streamline new member setup and reduce overall cost of operations.

"Outlaw provides such a flexible and efficient tool for so many different contract-related tasks, it seems like new ways to use it are popping up all the time! We started using it to sign up new members, which worked out great, but quickly realized the platform was also ideal for employee training and onboarding documents, so now we’re using it for that, too!"

Kerry Carmichael, Global Operations Manager


By facilitating smarter management practices, Outlaw is helping Eddy transform healthcare credentialing and enrollment into a painless process.

"We use Outlaw for document formation and eSignatures of record for several departments. The software is streamlined, organized and user-friendly and the ability to customize any document is very important for our business. The platform provides many options that fit our company’s specific needs. You will not find a better Customer Success team than Outlaw’s."

Jon Vines, Head of Legal


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