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Global Communications Provider Intrado Grows Annual Revenue by Millions with Contract Batch Generation

Key results

Multi-million dollar increase in revenue

80% faster deal cycle

8,000+ contracts auto-generated

In two months, we were able to sign thousands of contracts and generate annual revenue in the millions of dollars by leveraging Outlaw.

Sean Green Intrado VP Sales

Sean Green
SVP, Head of Direct Sales

The Challenge

When Intrado underwent a company rebrand in 2019, the redesign and name change for the enterprise telecommunication firm was to reflect their expansion into new cloud services. Their modernized communication and collaboration products were now enabling companies to have better business continuity, reduce operational costs and empower the remote workforce. With updated offerings though came the need to renew some of their existing business relationships — in fact over 8,000 of them. 

“We had a group of customers who had been using legacy conferencing systems, and we wanted to transition them to a more modern, multi-channel communication platform. Most of these customers were not under any contract with us and were paying per minute. We wanted to offer them a discount in exchange for committing to a multi-year subscription model,” recalls Sean Green, Intrado’s SVP, Head of Direct Sales.

It became clear to Sean that an automated solution was needed to dispatch the thousands of contracts in a time-efficient manner. “Our contract process was very complex and time-consuming. Different products resided in different systems — that meant my Sales team would have to request contracts from various internal groups to build a contract package. Then in Salesforce, each contract went through 4-5 approvals before getting generated. On a good day, turnaround time took about 48 hours.”

“You can imagine if we’re processing hundreds, thousands of contracts, how that would have taken a lot more staff, a lot more time to do the manual way.” Sean continues, “so we were looking for a partner who was agile and flexible enough to accommodate  the complexity of our process. We chose Outlaw because they didn’t try to sell us a predefined product. They listened and came back with a creative solution to our problem.”

Solution Wishlist

  • Batch auto-generation

    Create thousands of customized contracts in minutes

  • Flexible platform

    Configure platform to company’s complex needs while remaining affordable

  • Easy & accessible

    Build customer trust with personal, easy-to-use approach

The Solution

Thousands of contracts generated in minutes

Working closely with Outlaw’s support team to enable batch generation, Intrado imported contract data from different accounts that mapped to the relevant contract fields. Once the data was accurately aligned and the templates were created in 5 different languages (English, Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese), thousands of custom contracts were generated in minutes. After integrating with their marketing platform, Oracle Eloqua, Intrado was then ready to auto-deliver the agreements. “For this initiative, what we’ve been able to do is create contracts at scale. We can now pre-create offers for thousands of customers at a time; then generate and deliver to our clients for review. At just two weeks in, we had over a 100 contracts signed and returned — with very little effort on our part.”

Accessible anywhere and any time

“Outlaw made it so easy for our customers to access and sign their contracts. Anyone can view the contract from any device. It’s straightforward to countersign as well. I just access the agreement from my iPhone and can eSign from anywhere. This flexibility has been especially essential as we’ve all moved to remote work.” Sean says. 

“This saves everybody so much time from the back and forth and the waiting. End-to-end — from generating the contracts to having clients sign — it has been 80% faster to close deals.”

It’s all about customer experience

To make the process even more seamless, Intrado leveraged Outlaw’s Overview feature, which enabled them to provide a personal note with instructions for their contract recipients. “At the end of the day, everything that we want to do is to improve the customer experience — and this new process has vastly improved their experience. When they have a better experience working with us, that gives people more confidence in Intrado as a business partner.”

The Outcome

“Two months in, we have already signed thousands of contracts and generated annual revenue in the millions of dollars by leveraging Outlaw,” says Sean. “We now have a multi-year, committed, stable base of customers that have more predictable revenue.”

“Our customers, too, are satisfied because Outlaw helped them achieve millions of dollars in savings. And, of course, the smooth contract process made it all the easier for them to sign. It’s a win-win all around.” 

“And after seeing the full breadth of your contract management capabilities, we have even more exciting projects that we’re taking on, and I want to bring Outlaw along the way.”

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