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Our transparent pay-per-seat model is based on two levels of users: Core Users and Collaborators. No hidden costs. No implementation or maintenance fees. Unlimited contract storage.

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Monthly billing
Annual billing

Core Users

billed annually


billed annually
Contract template creation
Contract template editing
Reporting & metrics
Team management
Standard third party integrations
Granular user permissions
Real-time eSigning
Email alerts and notifications
Unlimited contract storage
Unlimited contract volume
DOCX/PDF import and export
Buy-side contract ingestion
Smart tagging
Single sign-on (SSO)
Dedicated customer support
Onboarding & training

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Core Users and Collaborators?

Think of Core Users as the owner of the account. They have full control of templates, have access to reports and can manage their teams. Collaborators are active users and signers. They can draft, collaborate, and manage contracts but cannot edit templates. Note: each Team that you create under your account must include a Core User.

Do you offer a free trial?

Sure, we’re happy for you to test out Outlaw for a 14 day free trial. A contract template does need to be setup in order for you to fully try out all the features, so we ask you to sign up for a subscription. (You can cancel your subscription at any time during the free trial) Schedule a call with our team today.

Is there an annual plan available?

Glad you asked. We offer a 20% discount when you subscribe to an annual plan. Remember to ask us about multi-year annual discounts too!

What if I only need a handful of seats and want to start now?

We love a self-starter! Get signed up here and someone will reach out to you shortly to set up your contract template.

How secure are you?

Security and privacy are essential to contracts, so they’re essential to everything we do here at Outlaw. We are SOC 2 compliant and hold our full stack to the highest global privacy and security standards.

Can I integrate with 3rd party apps?

Yes, our experts can help users setup their Outlaw account with third-party apps. We have ready-built integrations (free of charge depending on your subscription model!) and offer custom solutions for a one-time fee. Take a look at our Integrations page for more details.

What if I need a plan for my whole company?

Outlaw is highly configurable and built for teams of all sizes including enterprise-wide usage. One of our Sales Consultants would be happy to build a custom plan for your organization.

I have a batch of contracts to import — how would that work?

Outlaw allows for legacy migration of contracts (Doc and PDF format) for an additional one-time fee, get in touch to receive a custom quote. You can also read how we launch batch imports differently than other vendors here.

Are there any contract limits for users?

Nope! Send as many or as few contracts per month. No eSignature limits either.

How much can I store?

Outlaw lets you store an unlimited amount of contract data. If you need to do a batch upload, contact us and we can help.

Do our clients or recipients need to pay to access Outlaw?

No, Outlaw is free for all contract recipients.

Any minimum requirements?

No minimum month or year requirements — happy to let you test us out first before you commit.

Can I add another user?

Sure! We built our pricing to grow with your business. It’s easy to add another license as your needs change.

Are there any setup fees?

No setup or maintenance fees. We like to keep things simple.

We started using Outlaw to sign up new members, which worked out great, but quickly realized the platform was also ideal for employee training and onboarding documents, so now we’re using it for that, too!

Kerry Carmichael

Kerry Carmichael
Chief Operations Manager

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