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Unlimited contracts. Unlimited storage. Unlimited agreement.

Dealmaking isn’t one-size-fits-all and neither is your business. With unlimited usage, our flexible pay-per-seat plans are designed to grow with your organization. Build a plan that fits your team of today, and scale it to fit your team of tomorrow. No maintenance fees. No volume charges. Lightning-fast onboarding.

Every plan starts with a Core User

Core Users*

billed annually

Collaborators* *

billed annually
Template Owner + Creator
Team Management
Granular User Permission Settings
Customized Workflows
Reporting + Metrics
Native eSigning Unlimited Unlimited
Contract Creation & Storage Unlimited Unlimited
Cloud-based Redlining
Threaded Commenting
Email Notifications
Version History
3rd Party Paper Import
Live chat support

* Full service customer support and onboarding is provided to plans with 5+ Core Users.

* * Collaborator seats are only available for plans with 5+ Core Users.

Bundle + Save

Enterprise-grade solutions for teams of all sizes

Our modular unified platform is built to easily adapt to your contracting process. Work with us to tailor a plan that meets the specific needs of your team. Talk to our experts about:

Custom integrations

White-label environments

Legacy migration

Batch contract generation

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Core Users and Collaborators?

Think of Core Users as the owner of the account. They have full control of templates, have access to reports and can manage their teams. Collaborators are active users and signers. They can draft, collaborate, and manage contracts but cannot edit templates.

How do I get access to Collaborator seats?

A minimum of 5 Core Users must be part of your plan to unlock the Collaborator seat pricing. Dedicated full service customer support and training also come with a 5+ Core User plan.

Do our clients or recipients need to pay to access Outlaw?

No, Outlaw is free for all contract recipients. There are no eSignature limitations.

Are there any maintenance fees?

No maintenance fees. No fees on contract volume. We like to keep things simple.

I have a batch of contracts to import — how would that work?

We offer contract legacy migration (Doc and PDF format) for an additional one-time fee. Get in touch to receive a custom quote. You can also read how we launch batch imports differently than other vendors here.

Can I integrate with 3rd party apps?

Yes, our experts can help users set up their Outlaw account with third-party apps. We have ready-built integrations and custom solutions. Take a look at our Integrations page for more details.

Are you part of Filevine?

Yes! Outlaw was acquired by Filevine in 2021 to radically improve the way we do legal work. Outlaw will continue to be available as a standalone platform. For more information about the acquisition, read here. To use Outlaw and Filevine together, please talk to one of our experts.

How secure are you?

Security and privacy are essential to contracts, so they’re essential to everything we do here at Outlaw. We are SOC 2 compliant and hold our full stack to the highest global privacy and security standards.

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