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Wenham Carter uses Outlaw to stay on top of contract progress and renewal dates

Key results

50% faster sales cycle

34% increase in contract renewals

Missing contract renewal dates used to be a huge problem for my team. Now, we can pull a list of contracts up for renewal in seconds.

Jonathan Deutsch Wenham Carter

Jonathan Deutsch
Chief Operating Officer

The Challenge

With a network of 170,000 of the top technologists, Wenham Carter handles hundreds of employment contracts every month. However, manually tracking contract progress, expiry and renewal dates was an operational nightmare for their Sales team. To keep pace with increasing contract volume, they needed a scalable cloud-based system that could give the team 360° visibility on contract progress and key dates.

“We were using Microsoft Word and DocuSign and didn’t have a proper tracking system or centralised repository in place. It was a huge headache for our Sales team to deliberately track each contract’s progress throughout its lifecycle. We needed a solution that could streamline our workflows and ensure the smooth management of contracts,” recalls Jonathan Deutsch, Wenham Carter’s Chief Operating Officer.

Solution Wishlist

  • Central Repository

    Access contracts easily in a searchable source-of-truth

  • Contract Renewal Tracking

    Reduce costs by staying on top of renewal deadlines

  • Audit Trail

    Increase visibility of contract milestones without manual monitoring

The Solution

Gaining complete oversight across their entire contract process

In 2019, Wenham Carter partnered with Outlaw to regain control of their contracts. They leveraged Outlaw’s searchable contract repository which allows the team to easily track all contracts in a single source-of-truth. Using the platform’s bulletproof audit log, the team is also able to get complete oversight across all contract progress. “On the platform’s dashboard, we can quickly see which contracts are signed, and which need more pushing. All contract activities are logged down and changes in approval statuses trigger notifications. This ability to track each contract milestone saves my team a lot of time and effort,” Jonathan says.

Wenham Carter is also able to stay on top of key contract deadlines using advanced search filters on the platform. “Missing contract renewal dates prior to Outlaw used to be a huge problem for my team. Now, we can pull a list of contracts up for renewal in seconds.”

Automating contract generation

In addition to tracking, Wenham Carter also leveraged Outlaw’s dynamic template environment to centralize all their legal-approved contract templates. Doing so enables their Sales and Operations teams to generate error-free contracts from the most updated templates. This decreased the time needed for their legal counsels to fine-comb every contract prior to signing, “cutting their deal cycles by half”.

The Outcome

Today, the team no longer has to worry about missing contract renewal dates, losing oversight and executing outdated contracts. “We chose Outlaw because they are a customer-focused and agile team that is always responsive to our needs,” says Jonathan. “Besides, the platform’s user interface and experience are top-notch. We now have complete control and oversight over the renewals and contracts that come through. It’s a huge operational win.”

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