Close deals faster using plain English.

Outlaw is an end-to-end contract platform that reinvents the entire process: from legal authoring to document generation to negotiation to signing.

Outlaw app
“Outlaw has made it insanely easy to close. Total game-changer.”
Brandon Bogard
Licensed Real Estate Broker, Compass

Supercharge your contracts on Outlaw

Lightning fast drafting

Create contracts right on the spot by answering simple step-by-step questions in a language that all parties understand. Have a contract ready to send in seconds.

Lightning fast drafting

Plain English Summarization

Introduce your contract with a simple overview. Summarize and explain without legal jargon to reach agreement faster.


End-to-end deal flow

Move agreements from initiation through closing. Kick your process into high gear with digital signing, multi-party sharing and commenting tools.

Custom template authoring

Upload and author templates with granular control. Include smart variables and conditional clauses to create dynamic templates effortlessly.

Template Authoring

Teams work better on Outlaw


  • Execute contracts with pre-approved terms 
to improve deal flow
  • Communicate more efficiently, using plain English to close faster
  • Create smart templates with dynamic fields for your teams to use with ease and accuracy


  • Ensure that everyone in your organization is using the latest contract language you have approved
  • Save time educating internal teams on key legal concepts, enabling you to focus on more nuanced matters
  • Pre-approve contract terms ahead of time, empowering your teams to negotitate without risk

HR & Operations

  • Reduce tedious and repetitive tasks with lightning-fast contract generation
  • Eliminate errors by using custom templates for your most common contracts
  • Reduce unnecessary back-and-forth communication between drafting and 
signing a contract

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