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Beyond Pricing Customizes Complex Contracts in Seconds with Conditional Logic

Key results

10x faster contract creation time

100% reduction in errors

Increase in executive visibility

Outlaw has been instrumental to our new sales contract roll-out. Now, our contract creation and internal approval times have accelerated ten-fold, our ops and exec teams have complete visibility over contract terms, and our reporting abilities are enhanced. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to partner with.

Sergey Mann
Sales Strategy Manager

The Challenge

To meet the demands of a growing market, Beyond Pricing had plans to roll out multiple new products. In order to prepare for this, the team sought out the right infrastructure to support the rollout. One key area of focus was the creation of a new, multi-product sales contract that included specific clauses for each product, as well as different discount methods.

However, the executives foresaw difficulty getting their team to effectively use this new, complicated contract. Sergey Mann, Sales Strategy Manager at Beyond Pricing explains, “The main complexity comes from those multiple products and clauses throughout the contract. It would have been impossible for our sales team to manually create on Word without errors massively going up. For example, if you added in a second product, you’d have to add in these specific clauses, and if you added in this new clause, you’d have to make all these changes. It can get really complicated.” 

Sergey knew a template solution had to be sought. “There was one feature that was a dealbreaker for us. We needed a solution that enabled conditionality for clauses — such that if you select “yes” for a field or variable, that would trigger the relevant clause to appear in the contract instantly”, Sergey continues, “Most vendors didn’t have this functionality; some even made it sound like I wanted AI. I liked Outlaw not only because they had the feature, but because they actually listened to our concerns. Even if what I wanted wasn’t there, we talked through creative solutions and that definitely went a long way.” 

Solution Wishlist

  • Conditionality

    Build contract templates and clause libraries with conditional logic baked in

  • Overviews

    Increase visibility for CEO across all contracts and custom clauses

  • Salesforce Integration

    Push contract data into Salesforce for reporting, accountability and visibility

The Solution

Building dynamic clause libraries with conditional logic baked in 

Working closely with customer success, Beyond Pricing leveraged Outlaw Draft to build their contract template with conditional clauses. The team enjoyed that setting this logic up on Outlaw required no code. Instead, drop-down menus were used to set the determining variables. Now, their sales team simply has to select the relevant options from the drop-down menus, and a full, customized agreement will populate error-free. 

“At first, I was uncertain how it’d all fit together because there is a lot of complicated conditional logic in the contract,” Sergey recalls, “But I really have to compliment the Outlaw team here. From the deal closing to building out our template to getting our teams actively using it, it only took about a month.”  

Setting conditionals streamlined Beyond Pricing’s contract creation and ensured 100% accuracy in their contracts every time. “We wouldn’t have been able to generate these custom contracts without Outlaw,” Sergey mentions, “Now, there’s absolutely no way to put something into the contract that wasn’t done on purpose, or miss a clause because someone forgot. Countersigning is a lot faster when guardrails are put in place to prevent human errors.”

Creating 100% visibility for the executive team with Overviews 

In addition to simplifying contract creation, Outlaw delighted Beyond Pricing with the Overview feature which allowed the team to layer their formal contracts with a cover page. 

“Our CEO has been thrilled by the fact that he can see at a high level what’s in a contract from the Overview. Before, if a contract had custom discount clauses, our CEO would have to go digging in Salesforce or ask the sales rep to find out more. With Outlaw, he simply has to open up the Overview page where he can see — ‘ok, they’re using this system, ok there’s a discount, ok, it’s this this this —boom —done.’ It made it super simple for him and I think that’s honestly one of the best features of Outlaw,” Sergey says. 

Powering contract data reports with Salesforce integration 

A data-driven company, Beyond Pricing places immense value on utilizing data to inform their decisions and recommendations. Working closely with Outlaw’s dev team, the company also integrated Outlaw with Salesforce in a bi-directional data sync.

“SFDC integration was also one of our main motivations to look for a solution like Outlaw. In our contracts, we have a lot of variables built out — price points, commissions, products etc. The only way to get this data into our Salesforce reports is because of this integration. This is critical for us to understand what contracts are actually coming in.”  

The Outcome

Outlaw’s conditionality feature has helped Beyond Pricing transform their complex, multi-product sales contract into a repeatable, dynamic template their team can generate error-free contracts from. “Outlaw has been instrumental to our new sales contract roll-out. Without it, our sales team would never have been able to generate custom contracts without making mistakes,” Sergey explains further. “Now, our contract creation and internal approval times have accelerated ten-fold, our ops and exec teams have complete visibility over contract terms, and our reporting abilities are enhanced. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to partner with.”  

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