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51-250 employees

Voxy Automates Contract Generation Using Outlaw's Salesforce Integration

Key results

76% faster contract generation

98% reduction in contract errors

More effective collaboration between internal teams

Working closely with the Outlaw team, we were able to easily integrate the platform with Salesforce. Now, we can auto-generate contracts based on Salesforce data without the worry of errors and outdated information.

Ethan Arnowitz
Sales Operations Manager

The Challenge

Voxy was built with the understanding that language barriers amongst employees can cause workforce productivity and effectiveness to decline. So when Voxy’s Sales and Finance teams started noticing discrepancies in their contracts, they quickly identified that it was a communication breakdown between their departments and business systems, and a fast solution needed to be implemented.

The two teams relied on Salesforce to be their main source for information exchange, but that was proving to have limitations. According to Ethan Arnowitiz, Voxy’s Sales Operations Manager, they were finding inconsistencies between the sales opportunity listed in Salesforce and what was written in the contract. “This happened all the time. Sales representatives would negotiate with prospects and would make these changes in the contract but not in Salesforce — or vice versa.”

By the time the contract reached the Finance team, they would have to do a “fine-tooth comb manual review” to ensure the contract lined up with what was in Salesforce. Without being able to set user permissions and guidelines, after a contract was approved by Finance, “the rep would still be able to make edits and they would not resubmit it for approval,” explained Ethan.

Solution Wishlist

  • Salesforce Integration

    Auto-generate a contract based on Salesforce data

  • Real-time Control

    Make updates to both Salesforce and the contract at one time

  • Visibility

    Give full transparency to the proper stakeholders

The Solution

Why make it difficult?

When he first started searching, it made sense for Ethan to look into Salesforce CMQ since they needed a solution that worked with their current CRM. However, based on Voxy’s pricing structure and not using the products object in Salesforce, “it would have taken a lot of architecture to get that up and running. It was way too much than what we wanted to implement, and we didn’t want to go through all of that. We found Outlaw to be simple and effective.”

Easy, secure implementation

Not only was it important that implementation was straightforward, but Ethan also wanted to ensure the daily workflow was not disrupted and all the historic data was captured and mapped correctly. “We do a lot of historical reporting and comparisons, so it’s my responsibility to always be thinking about the data — how we’re going to represent it, record it. That was a big challenge that we knew we were going to face, but it turned out to be pretty effortless.”

Really helpful, really clear, really dedicated

Due to Voxy’s specialized Salesforce mapping, Outlaw had our technical advisor and account lead ensure that implementation went without any challenges. “We had an open dialogue back and forth. We would talk every day; testing things back and forth. Julie was the point person. She was always awesome — really helpful, really clear, really dedicated. She was on top of everything. Making sure everything was exactly how we wanted it; and if it wasn’t, she would recap and figure it out from there.”

The Outcome

After syncing Outlaw and Salesforce, the Finance and Sales teams were now able to communicate fluidly — breaking down that ‘contract’ language barrier. “And we can auto-generate contracts in seconds without the worry of errors and outdated information,” says Ethan. For a company that needed to scale quickly, the reduced contract cycle times and errors have become crucial.

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