Contract Repository That Unlocks The Value Of Your Agreements.

Store and achieve full visibility and insights across your entire contract universe in the most intuitive, user-configurable repository. Instantly discover, track and report on critical contract data to maintain oversight, prevent value leakage and discover new opportunities for your business.

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Management & Storage

House all your contracts and metadata in a secure, searchable repository

Every agreement, be it first-party or third-party paper can be tracked and stored securely in a secure, seamless repository. Instantly locate contracts, clauses or phrases with full-text and dynamic parametric search. Keep the entire organization on the same page on Outlaw’s centralized contracting hub.

Search & Access

Data retrieval and insights at your fingertips

Outlaw’s personalized saved searches and dynamic foldering allow you to easily locate the deals that matter to you. Filter by deal status, tags, parties, templates and variables, and save them for quick access. Users can track and set up alerts based on parameters such as expiry and renewal dates, so you’ll never miss another opportunity again.

Insights & Analytics

Illuminate your contract data with user-configurable reports & dashboards

Use Outlaw’s dynamic contract repository to track important terms and milestones, and gather insights about all your contracts in convenient dashboard snapshots. Advanced reporting capabilities enable you to unlock the critical business intelligence that lives within your contracts — all in real-time.

Legacy Contract Migration

Transfer your legacy contracts with all metadata captured

Outlaw natively supports legacy contract migration so you can maintain a complete and accurate contract repository. Data portability ensures all your critical metadata is properly captured, indexed and reportable in the system. Whether you’re uploading text-based or image-based agreements, AI-powered OCR makes all content automatically searchable for you.

Vault Import
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Transform how you leverage data in your contracts

See how Outlaw's dynamic contract repository can help unlock the critical business intelligence that lives within your agreements -- all in real time.

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