Jul 19, 2018

Deal Flow Just Got Smarter With New Activity Tracker and Variable Batch Entry

We’re excited to announce a mess of new features to help you close deals faster and smarter than ever. An activity tracker now offers visibility for each phase of contract life cycle, and batch entry of variables lets you knockout drafting in no time, with fewer errors. And that’s just the beginning 😉 (P.S Read till the end for more goodies!)

Forecast closings with activity tracker

The deal activity tracker logs each important event in your contract’s life cycle. Having a record of how much work has already been done on a deal lets you predict with greater accuracy when it might close, and ensures that your deal keeps moving in the right direction en route to completion.

The log provides deal flow clarity (and critical transparency when multiple users have editing permission) by keeping track of who has done what, and when, on a deal. Open the log to instantly view date and time stamped contract milestones such as creation, sharing, recipient first-time views, edits, secret variable entries and viewsm as well as signing. And by attaching a user’s name to each entry, the tracker removes the “Wait, where did that come from??” moments commonly experienced during collaboration.

Variable Panel

Quick variable entry

When it comes to lightning-fast drafting, Outlaw always shined; now it shines even brighter. Batch entry compiles the dynamic fields (“variables”) present in a deal into an easy-to-view and easy-to-fill list, so contract senders can complete a draft with minimal scrolling and maximum efficiency.

With batch entry, the touch of a button reveals a tidy list of variables contained in an agreement (excluding party, secret and appendix variables), so drafting becomes a simple matter of plugging in the answer to each variable right then and there. This especially streamlines drafting and improves flow for deals that lack complete overviews, by decreasing the chance of sharing a contract before all variables are entered.

1-click same-day date filling

It’s true, there’s no time like the present–so we added a one-click option for same-day date filling. Auto-fill today’s date by clicking “Today” when completing any date-formatted variable. Hey, anything that saves you time and minimizes errors is worth celebrating!

Green light for red-lines, coming soon!

All of the goodies described in this post just went live–but we’re not slowing down now! We’re still building, and our next big rollout is so excitng that we can’t wait until it’s done to tell you about it!

“Red-lining” is on the way. This common legal drafting method visually records every contract edit, down to the letter, by showing deletions in red text with strike-through formatting, and additions in a different color text, so that earlier and later versions of the contract can be quickly compared.

As a legal-grade authoring environment, Outlaw always had red-lining on the brain, and we’re delighted to report that soon we’ll have it on your screen! Stay tuned 😉

If you’d like to learn more about how Outlaw can supercharge your contract process, feel free schedule a demo with us here!

Written by Julie Appel

Head of Customer Success

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