Mar 31, 2020

Supporting Healthcare Organizations in the Fight Against COVID-19

We have seen the coronavirus pandemic throw healthcare organizations into turbulent waters. The crippling impact of COVID-19 has the healthcare industry struggling with dwindling resources, operational nightmares and unbelievably tough choices.

On behalf of everyone here at Outlaw, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our healthcare heroes fighting on the frontline, and we want to do our part in helping you bolster your operations in this time of need. 

To do that, Outlaw is offering our contract management platform for 6 free months to all healthcare organizations responding to the coronavirus pandemic. You can learn more and apply here.

Contracts may seem far removed from the human aspect of healthcare, but a chaotic contract process can introduce delays and errors with very real consequences on the ground. In these critical times, it’s more important than ever to get healthcare workers and resources to where they’re needed as quickly as possible. We recognize that our cloud-based contracting platform can help ensure operational capabilities are rapidly deployed to meet the needs of the evolving pandemic at a time when this matters the most.

When software implementation can seem daunting at a time when heads are barely kept above water, we want to assure you that we have a dedicated team standing ready to help you get onboarded within days. 

We’re all in this together — so please reach out. And thank you again for everything that you’re doing. 

Written by Evan Schneyer

Co-Founder & CEO of Outlaw

More about Outlaw

Outlaw is an end-to-end contract platform that eliminates contract chaos to help organizations reach agreement faster. From dynamic template-based generation through cloud-based negotiation, lifecycle management and reporting, Outlaw automates and streamlines contract workflows in the most seamless, productive environment you’ve ever seen.

Outlaw has been recognized as a legal technology leader in 2020 by the National Law Journal and is venture-backed by Bowery Capital. A customer-first CLM partner, Outlaw powers digital contracting for the world’s most innovative companies including Intrado, EVgo and Beyond Pricing. Visit our homepage to learn more.

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