Oct 10, 2018

Outlaw Celebrates Another 2 Contract Management Software Awards for 2018!

We sure feel special 🙂 We’re happy to announce that Outlaw has been honored with two more awards recognizing excellent design for simplifying contract management, this time by B2B software review website CompareCamp! 👏

After an in-depth review of our software, CompareCamp experts were impressed by Outlaw’s acceleration of contract cycles, saying “Outlaw expedites the entire contract process with an efficient deal flow structure and functionalities such as smart variable drafting, redlining, version control and digital signing.”

CompareCamp’s team got it right when they commended Outlaw’s redlining, threaded commenting and version control tools for ensuring “transparency and bulletproof resolution”. It’s no surpise that the team saw value in our platform’s negotiation tools, which help users reduce risk and ensure compliance throughout negotiation.

In addition to saying nice things about us, CompareCamp backed up their glowing review with some industry awards, specifically the Great User Experience and Rising Star of 2018 Award! According to their team, these awards highlight Outlaw’s great overall design and positive market feedback.

2018 sure has been a rocking year for Outlaw. We won our first award back in June, and now this! Knowing that experts in the B2B SaaS industry really get what we’re trying to do gives us a warm and fuzzy feeling 😁

More info on Outlaw’s contract management software here.

Written by Jumi Cha

Marketing Director at Outlaw

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