May 11, 2021

2021 CLM Buyer’s Guide: Outlaw Featured as a Premier Provider by Above the Law & Legal Tech Publishing

By Chandler Willman • ,

We understand that buying contract management software, like many technology purchases, can be overwhelming. With so many diverse solutions and new technologies out there, how do you know which product will meet your specific business and contracting needs? What makes each solution special? So when Above the Law and Legal Tech Publishing came out with The Legal Tech Non-Event, a new virtual resource to help the legal community research the latest legal tech products, we were thrilled to have Outlaw featured in their “main event”—the 2021 Legal Operations: Contract, Automation & Engagement Management Buyer’s Guide

“Today’s legal departments are increasingly being taxed with doing more and often with less. The only real solution is to embrace technology that helps increase efficiency while reducing costs,” stated the curators of the guide, Legal Tech Publishing CEO Cathy Kenton and Breaking Media SVP Brian Dalton. The Legal Operations: Contract, Automation & Engagement Management Buyer’s Guide is designed to highlight only those platforms that can help legal departments “do more with less” making it a valuable resource in helping find the right CLM solution for your organization, quicker and easier. 

“Outlaw’s user interface is clean and intuitive, [and] has a seamless and efficient workflow from template creation to contract with built in e-signatures. A template-driven architecture with dynamic variables streamline contract generation, and real-time collaboration features support cloud-based redlining and version control for individual clauses.”

— 2021 Legal Operations: Contract, Automation & Engagement Management Buyers Guide

Inside the guide, Legal Tech Publishing, in partnership with Above the Law, provides detailed reviews of each vendors’ core capabilities, explains the value and key differentiators of the product, along with the ideal use case for application in daily legal department operations. This isn’t your ordinary buyers guide though! After participating in a lengthy demo and interview, we can attest to Legal Tech Publishing’s thorough examination and expertise in the CLM space. Each review is a deep-dive into the technology, an insider’s look and perspective that’s difficult to find in other guides.

After you read through the guide, our CLM specialists are standing by to help you choose the right contract management partner that’s perfect for your organization. Schedule a call today.

Download this Buyer’s Guide to:

  1. Save months on research with Legal Tech Publishing’s top recommendations for legal ops automation & CLM providers.
  2. Read detailed product reviews for the 5 most significant CLM vendors, written by Legal Tech Publishing’s experienced legal tech product review team.
  3. Understand the product functionalities, key value differentiators, latest developments and pricing for easy comparison across all 5 selected CLM vendors.

Written by chandlerwillman

More about Outlaw

Voted G2’s #1 Momentum Leader for contract management, Outlaw provides pioneering end-to-end contracting solutions for the fastest growing companies such as Intrado, BeyondPricing, and Democracy International. From dynamic template-based generation through in-app negotiation, lifecycle management and reporting, Outlaw automates and customizes contract workflows helping companies reach agreement faster. Outlaw has been recognized as a legal technology leader in 2020 by the National Law Journal.

In 2021, Outlaw joined Filevine’s legal tech platform to radically improve the future of legal work. Together, Filevine and Outlaw become the first and only end-to-end solution to dynamically link documents, contracts, and databases with their surrounding business processes, resulting in easier workflow customizations, instant automations, and better collaboration.

More information can be found at and

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