Outlaw for Remote Teams

Real-time contracting from anywhere, on any device.

Contracts are a team effort. Outlaw is a cloud-based contract management platform that gives each team what they need, whenever they need it.

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Collaborate with your team without being in the room

A global market means teams in different locations, remote offices and meeting your customers where they are. With Outlaw, real-time collaboration happens seamlessly.

Features your team will love

Real-time Collaboration

Collaborate, redline and eSign straight from your browser in real time

Custom Workflows

Automate and customize workflows to fit your legal playbook

Templated Contracts

Reduce approval bottlenecks with dynamic self-service templates

Version Control

Mitigate version confusion with section-specific version control and real-time notifications


Oversight from afar

  • Ensure compliance by having every move tracked and easily viewed in a full audit history
  • Add legal-approved permissions and baked in conditionals to cut rogue contracts down to zero
  • Gain complete visibility with real-time notifications on contract status and redlines
  • Track key data points like expiration dates and automate reminders for renewal deadlines

Secure access to all your contracts

House all your agreements, past and present, in one place. Mitigate risks and costs when you have a 360° view across all your contracts. Important metadata from every document provides you with:

  • Full-text search
  • AI-assisted insights
  • Trackable key dates
  • Notifications and alerts
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